comprehensive clinical assessments

Comprehensive Clinical Assessment

Diagnostic Assessment Services are provided to children and adolescents who need a clinical determination for treatment. This service is most beneficial to those who are new to the mental health system. It is also important for those who need determination as to the appropriate level of services to meet their needs. My Therapy Place PLLC serves those who voluntarily seek help or are referred for services. Clients who are recommended by Department of Social Services or ordered by the courts to receive a diagnostic assessment are also welcome.

Trauma Informed Assessments

Many children process emotional trauma differently than what one may expect. Trauma Informed Assessments focus on a child’s responses and symptoms following a traumatic event. The assessment is based upon the child’s stress response and is measured using the following tools:

  • A Comprehensive Clinical Assessment that includes a clinical interview of the child, guardian, and/or caretaker

  • Trauma Symptom Checklist 

  • UCLA Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Index

  • Possible Additional Measures